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The Argos Victory Parade Attracted around 17,000 to 20,000+ fans. It may appear to be a lot less than that based on the background of these shots. These shots were taken just after the start of the Parade up Bay Street. This was just after the large throng at the start and just before the crowd really started to thicken. On the very last shot on the page....The car with the Cup and Flutie and Masotti are just getting to where the core of the fan density was. They are being bombarded at that point with a lot of shreaded paper. After was too much effort to get a decent picture.

News story about the Parade.

Argos Victory Parade Pictures

Here come the Cops

The Toronto Police Mounted Squad

The Toronto Police Marching Band

Where's the fire?

It's Scully...the Argos mascot

It's Scully!

The Argos flag waves high.

 It's Mike O'Shea with Ken Benson.

Lester Smith and Mike Vanderjagt wave flag

The World Famous Argonotes Band!

Darrell Mitchell and Pinball (Signing autographs)

Here comes the Cup!

Cops won't let me get close this year. :-(

Back to back...TO BACK!  An omen for 98?

Doug holds the Cup with Don and Paul.

The car gets bombarded by the throng!