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By: Become an Olive ( handle)

This is a story about a football team 

They are from Ottawa 

Renegades are their name 

The problem with the franchise is they 



Kerry Joseph is playing like crap 

Woodcock was a bust 

When you come to Ottawa 

Losing becomes a must! 


Our kicking game was a bright spot last year 

But now it went down the tubes 

We miss all field goals 

And even converts too 


Gone are the greats 

Like Frank Clair and Joe Faragelli 

We are stuck with a head coach 

That’s only good at eating spaghetti 


Ownership only talks 

They feed hungry fans a line 

But we hadn’t a winning season 

Since Ninety-Seventy nine 


The last time they had a Grey Cup appearance 

I was only Four 

It’s been sad and pathetic season 

But don’t worry, There’s always 

Place for MORE!!! 


I’ve been a fan for years and years 

And for those of you who are new 

I hope that you will see a playoff game 

Before you’re ninety-two 


Bye Bye Ottawa 

You sure lose Alotawa 

But we still love you Ottawa 



*Song was inspired by the Maple Leaf song that was played on the Radio regarding the also ill-fated Ottawa Senators.