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Action Center

"Where Ideas Become Action"

You have entered the CFFA Action Center of the CFFA. This is the area where you can help us decide which direction to take the CFFA in many different areas.

Those include: 

  • Which programs we should support. 

  • How much money to support it with when there are options on the amount to use.

  • Whether the CFFA should take any Political Stands when our game seems threatened. (ie: The CFL decides to go with 4 downs, etc)

  • Deciding whether to move forward with member proposals 

  • Anything else that Member Feedback is needed in a voting type of way. 

CFFA Statistics

Current Membership: 157   Program Money Available: Upon Request


(Nothing to Vote on at This Time) 


Members at Large 

Because we cannot cover the entire country ourselves. We will need from time to time volunteers to assist us in carrying out a program, membership sales or in finding us programs to support in their area of the Country.

We will not expect any long term commitments from anyone or will we make any attempts to make a Director out of you. Just whatever you feel that you would like to do to help us is greatly needed and appreciated. We can't do it alone. We need you.