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J.I. Albrecht

J.I. Albrecht ... "So they think that at 69 I'm too old," was his opening gambit. "What about John Glenn? How come he isn't too old at 77 to go into space? Obviously, because he knows his stuff. That's why I say that a new broom sweeps clean, but it takes an old broom to get into the corners. "As for the accusations that the Alouettes and Rough Riders ran into trouble while I was there, that is nonsense. The Als were sold by Norm Kimball and Charles Bronfman -- 13 years after I was gone. Is that my fault? In fact, in 1993 they voted me Alouettes all-time general manager over Lew Hayman, Tony Golab, Perry Moss and Red O'Quinn. As for Ottawa, they folded three years after I left."(2000)