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The Anatomy of the CFL

Here is my take on the anatomy of the CFL.

First off .... THE CFL DOES NOT HAVE A BRAIN ! That has been proven over and over.

OK ... here goes ...


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the blood of the CFL. Their fan support reaches all areas of the CFL body and their fans are there to give lifesblood to a lot of franchises.


The Hamilton Tiger Cats are the muscle. They are a tough team with tough fans in a tough city. They wear black and their fans are huge lovers of defensive football.


The Toronto Argonuats are the CNS of the CFL. They are in the informational center of the league and are an important part of the CFL's health.


The Calgary Stampeders are the heart of the CFL. They have great attendance and have red uniforms. They are also accustomed to pushing the Riders (blood) aound.


The Edmonton Eskimos are the skin of the CFL. Their strength as a franchise helps to keep all the other franchises together and act as a model for future success.


The BC Lions are the stomach of the CFL. When the stomach is full and happy ... the entire CFL feels better. But when the Lions start to grumble and demands to be fed better and more expensive food ... the CFL burps.


The Montreal Alouettes are the appendix of the CFL. All's well when the appendix is working fine ... but can easily be removed without killing the patient if caught in time.


The Ottawa Rough Riders are the Eternal Soul of the CFL. After the death of the Black Riders ... the fans still keep the faith and it's a matter of time before the re-incarnation occurs.


Who else but the woeful Winnipeg Blue Bombers can be the ____ of the CFL? Total disarray and lousy on-field performance has even some of their strongest fans either silent or just ill.

There we go ... have a nice day. :-)

CFL Dimension