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Les Alouette Miserable !

The Road.

What is in a road?

It can be long.

It can be very hard. can also be very smooth.

The Vaunted Argos are on a road.

The road the Vaunted Ones walk is a long one.

The road they walk is a hard road as well.

But...the road they travel is also very smooth.


The Great Vaunted Argos ... Dynasty of the 90's ... 3 time Champions in the 90's ... Back to back Grey Cup Champions ... The most successful franchise in the Canadian Football League for the last 16 years with FOUR Grey Cup Championships which is double that of the nearest pretender  (Who counts Winnipeg's 3 anyhow?) ... Holders of all the envy from across Canada ... the team of Destiny ... the team of Love!

The Great Vaunted Argos set off on a journey to bring home...yet again...another Grey Cup Championship. (Other teams dream of Cups...we win them)

The Vaunted Ones begin their trek in the cosy confines of Montreal. But it won't be so cosy for the Als!

The Vaunted Ones will do all that they can do so that their Banner will advance!

The Vaunted Ones have played better than the pathetic Alouettes in Montreal. One game the Vaunted Ones felt charity ... and the other they crushed the very souls of all Montreal children and football fans.

The hugely pathetic Alouettes are no match for the Argos.

The Vaunted Ones have crushed the Larks in the last 2 playoff years and have defeated the pesky birds in every game that really mattered to the Boatmen of Devastation.

Pringle may run ... but he will get broken like a chip.

Ham may throw ... but he will get carved like the slab of meat he is.

What's left for the Pesky Larks after that?  Nothing ... doom ... oblivion.

The Vaunted Argos shall cruise into Molson stadium ... and obliterate the Alouettes!

The blood of the Als will water the meadows of Montreal.

It'll be easy ... it'll be smooth.

And for any Larks fans that still have hope ... The kicker is ... YOUR KICKER! HA HA!

The Als fans will sing their pain as they did on the barricades of France all those years ago.

Do you hear the Als fans sing?

Singing the song of Losing Teams ...

Singing a song about the Grey Cup ... and that they'll never be there again ...

Do you hear the Als fans sing?

O' do you hear the distant drums?

It's the feeling of defeat they'll feel ... when the Argos come!


And so it is written ... so shall it be done.


PAIN ... PAIN ... PAIn ... PAin ... Pain ... pain ... The Als will feel the pain again ... and again.

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