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The longest journeys can be wrought with despair and trial.

As you walk along the righteous path that you have chosen ... it can be a lonely walk when things don't go your way.

You put your heart and your soul into every detail of your quest ... only to be stabbed in the back by the incompetence of those that you put your faith into.

You toil ... misunderstood by everyone except your most ardent supporters.

You endure the betrayal of those around you for a while as you pray for a change of heart from each of them ... and dream that they can somehow come to be the team-players you believed they could be.

Weeks go by ... the unrest grows among those that just don't understand. You go sleepless nights putting into action the plan ... but those against you neither care ... or want to care.

The pressure mounts as success is taken from you by even more incompetence. You even dare to rid your team of the elements that disrupt the flow of goodness that you are trying to instill into the team ... again to be shot down by critics that feel they know what is wrong.

Upset turns to desperation. You try many different things to jolt those below you into believing in your system.

You cast out the mentor you trusted ... and find out that your faith has been misplaced. Again the masses understand less all the time.

But ... in every struggle against the odds ... a unforeseen success can befall you. You understand that the success is only due to your hard work and the blood you shed to bring the success to the ones you love and admire.

Victory at last ... Oh God all Mighty ... Victory at last!

Huge success is filling your heart with pride. Your team has seen the light and has struck down the enemy in a thrilling victory that only you can appreciate to it's fullest extent.

You see all the fans ... and all the players ... filled with the innocent glee only seen in young children's play. You're heart fills with pride even more for you know you are the reason it all happens.

Then ... after a quiet moment ... you share your feeling with the harsh press that has dogged you since day one. But you don't care.

There is only one expression that you can show that tells how you feel ...

You shed a tear ...

And cry.



Ah ... poor little Jeffy got to cry and show his feelings ... well the Vaunted Argos are going to take those tears and wash your team down the toilet!

Wanna cry Jeff?

Think about how Bell is gonna carve up that hole filled defense of yours? Imagine how many yards the little Pinball is going to parade on Saturday as you watch. Just think of how the Argos defense is going to wipe out any QB you put out there. Have you given a moments reflection that it's Don Mathews you're up against again? Remember...the guy that never lost to you?

So ... if you wanna cry ... the Vaunted Ones will supply the reasons for you.

And they won't be tears of pride ole friend.

CFL Dimension