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Any way you Define the Eskimos...

On Thursday July 23rd the Vaunted Argos play host to the Pesky Eskies from the Land of Perpetual Freeze ... The Vast Wasteland ... The Mecca of the Tundra ... The Wonderful City of Edmonton.

But ... alas ... this is not a battle of Cities. For if it was ... the Celestial Temple that is Toronto would prevail without the need for a contest. This is a battle of two football teams in a season that will define their destinies.'s only fair that I help define that destiny.

From the Argonutsters Edition of the Dictionary ... I shall do just that.

Toronto: Love, Light, Bastion of Morality, Hope.

Edmonton: Dingy, Darkness, Distrain, Arrogance, Depression.

Bell: The symbol of God's call to Earth in every church steeple.

Archer: Good with the bow....but touchdowns can not throw.

Pless: The fallen Argo, a fall from grace, repentant.

O'Shea: Redemption, From the darkness to the light.

Pinball: The most exciting game on Earth...and the best player.

Blair: Undisciplined, careless, wasted potential, crybaby.

Mathews: The Architect of Greatness, The Justified Ego.

Stephensen: Why is the field so wide? I just don't get it.

Prefontaine: Determination, grit, style, toughness.

Fleming: Can't remember which foot to use, Confused.

So ... it has been defined. The Vaunted Argos should totally destroy the sad old copy of the San Antonio Texans on Thursday.

It's purely academic.

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