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I started on on the Internet in 1994 on the newsgroup and immediately began to support my favourite team the Toronto Argonauts.

Armed with a 386 DOS system and a basic Compuserve hookup ... I did not have the chance to see anything on the web itself. But I was happy with just posting messages to rsfc.

A liitle while passed and I found myself with the "Argonut" moniker that has stuck to this day. It was then that I started to expand the role of my Argonut persona to truly defend the honour of both Toronto and the Argos.

Finally ... in late 1996 ... I finally got a 586 computer and jumped onto surfing the Net. I was looking at the CFL websites out there and wondered what to do for myself.

After over a year of learning stuff and trying to figure out what I wanted to do ... I opened the Argonut's Fan Page in early 1998.  I entered this site into the Football Central All-Web Awards and just passed the minimum standards to be allowed into the contest.

A few months of tinkering insued and I ended up with my final product. The Toronto Argonauts Fan Page ... a comprehensive page devoted to the Toronto Argonauts full of stats and lists and some of my original content.

In December ... my web site won 2nd Prize in the All-Web Awards of which I am so proud since I am by no means a wizard at making web sites.

All-Web 2nd Prize

But it was short lived for the Argo site. I lost interest in all the constant updating and found that most of the information was duplicated in other places.

So I decided to put up a CFL Web page solely with original content that I have created and that can be found nowhere else on the Web.

The C.F.L. Dimension was born.

As you can see on this site ... I firmly believe that football can be much more than stats and standings. Football can be both entertaining and fun.

All content on this page is stuff I have created myself. ( Except the graphics ... which are all taken from sources that have given permission and have been credited for their work )  There are no team logos or professional photos lifted from other web sites. Every photo was either taken by me ... or taken by another fan that has given permission for those photos to be on the site. Credit is given where credit is due.

Dick Butkus 2000

In 1999 ... this site was awarded the Dick Butkus 2000 for being a top rated site. It's always nice when your efforts are appreciated by someone.

So .. I hope you enjoy the site.