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Training Camp Fan Day 1998

On June 14th, 1998...the Argos held their Annual Fan Fay at Training Camp.  About 300 people showed up to the University of Toronto Erindale Campus in Mississauga to watch the 1998 Argos go through their paces.

Photos: Copyright (c) Ronald Philipp 1998, 1999, 2000

Pinball catches Pinball catches bullet

Pinball runs passing patterns in Endzone

Catches a bullet from Kerwin Bell

Kerwin Bell Passes Prefontaine Launches one

Kerwin Bell launches the fans hopes for 98

Prefontaine Lanuches a Boomer

The Grey Cup

O'Shea and Mathews

The Grey Cup on display

Mike O'Shea and Mathews plot

Argos Brain Thrust A Crowded Pinball

Nicholson, Mathews...the Brains.

Always a crowd around Pinball