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    The American Experiment.........R.I.P.

              A Time of Hope.....A Time of sorrow.

In 1993 the CFL Expanded into the United States with the arrival of the Sacramento Gold Miners. It was the dawning of a new hope for the CFL....but that was not to be.  A combination of shoddy owners and terrible management from the CFL Brass....led to the US experiment's failure in 1995-96.  This is not the forum to rehash all that went wrong...or what could have been done better or if it even should have been.

This site is a tribute to each of these teams and the memories they gave to all CFL fans.

It's also a tribute to the legacy of the US experiment.  A core group of CFL fans in the States who... when exposed to our game...fell in love with it and cherish it to this day.'s a thank you to these same US teams and their loyal fans.  Without the support of of these teams in the period of 1993-1995....the seeds of the CFL's salvation might never have been sown.


The Las Vegas Posse

Who can forget those hot Vegas nights and those even hotter chearleaders? How about the singer that sang O'Canada to the melody of 'Oh Christmas Tree?'                           

The Shreveport Pirates

The Gleiberman's new US team. Great fans. Good Stadium.            

The Birmingham Barracudas


The CFL team that played some wild games in the strong   Southern Division.

The Sacramento Gold Miners


This Sacramento team opened the USA doors for the CFL. Later became the San Antonio Texans with their Great owner...Fred Anderson  R.I.P.

The Memphis Mad Dogs


This team played out of Memphis. Who can forget the turf that ringed the grass field to make it big enough...and those end zones?  The team drew fans just as well as the NFL in Memphis. ;-)

The Baltimore CFL Colts...Stallions

1994 - 1995

This was the CFl success story south of the 49th. This team made the Grey Cup in 94 and won the Grey Cup in Regina. Great fans. Achieved crowds in excess of 40,000.

The San Antonio Texans

1994 - 1995

Moved over from Sacramento after the 93 season. A great set of loyal fans for just a 2 year franchise. Played some exciting ball with David Archer at the helm.

Remember the ALAMODOME!!

The Ottawa Rough Riders

This 120 + year old Canadian franchise fell right after the 1996 Grey Cup. You might say...Ottawa was the last casualty of the US Experiment.

The Baltimore Stallions remain the form of the Montreal Alouettes. The Baltimore team survived the failure in     the US...only to move to Montreal to try to rekindle the CFL in Montreal. The franchise in Montreal has become quite a success as we turn the corner into the new Century. But they have a far ways to go to match the support the Stallions received from the football fans in Baltimore.

There is still a pulse for the CFL in Baltimore and other regions as well to this day.

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