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The Greatest One

The Virtual Wayne Lammle Story

To those that know of Wayne Lammle... he is a memorable player.  Known as "The Wayne" or "The Greatest One" or just "Wayne" ... Lammle has graced football fields across North America and Europe.

From his humble birth in Vancouver, British Columbia to his College days in Utah ... he has been on a path of success and a unique destiny. Choosing to honour his heritage and play in the CFL (Canadian Football League) ... he has touched fans from coast to coast and across the United States.

A star wherever he has played .... he  has played a "Virtually" vital role in the success of the BC Lions, Toronto Argonauts, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Calgary Stampeders, Ottawa Rough Riders and the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL and the Scottish Claymores of the WLAF. (World League of American Football or NFL Europe)

After being the guiding force for the success of the 1991 Argos ... he went on to be the catalyst for the resurrection of the career of Lou Passaglia in BC in 1993.  

In 1994 ... The Vaunted Argos brought him on board and Wayne became the one true star on the team.  Following the Great Betrayal in 1995 (when he was traded to Ottawa for lowly Terry Baker by Obie ... causing a massive drop in attendance for the Argos and a long losing streak) he was the one true light that the Ottawa franchise had to hold on to throughout the 1996 season and gave hope to the Rough Rider faithful that a Grey Cup was just around the corner. The lousy Ottawa ownership ruined that bright future and Wayne moved on for the 1997 season.

 In 1997 ... Wayne went to Europe and became the best punter by far in the WLAF while playing for the Scottish Claymore's. In 1998 he returned to his home in the CFL and played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and restored Rider Pride to the long suffering fans ... and became the missing link for Rider fans to put their team over the top and win the 1998 Grey Cup.

Alas ... after leading the Riders to a strong start ... he was betrayed again by the betrayer (Obie who was now with the Roughriders) and was cut loose after 5 strong games.

In his last game in Hamilton ... Wayne was easily the best Rider on the field that day. The poor Roughriders paid dearly for the loss of Wayne as they lost many games in a row after his departure.

He then helped the Calgary Stampeders focus themselves to a Grey Cup win when he had a late season consultation with Head Coach Wally Buono.

The Riders would see the error of their ways and listen to their fans and bring Wayne back for the 1999 campaign. There are fans that feel this made the Riders an immediate contender for the Grey Cup.

In fact .... in 1999 .... his sudden return for a second stint with the Saskatchewan Roughriders caused an explosion of activity on CFL discussion groups as fans clamored to learn more about his return and circled their calenders for when he was coming to town.

The Shining Star of the CFL has returned .... and the future of the CFL has never been so bright and Rider fans began to forget the 1998 season!

But tragedy struck again as he was cut again by the Riders (With Obie still on board) after playing some inspired football. The Riders again collapsed after his departure for a second straight year!

The fans of the Riders could take no more and they called for the heads of the entire coaching staff ... as well as GM Al Ford and the Executive.

Lammle's legacy in Regina may just be that he was virtually the catalyst that led to the fans outrage that eventually will turn the losing franchise around in the years to come.

July 2002 Major Announcement!!

In honour of the 5th anninversary of the Wayne Lammle Fan Club ...

In the spirit of how baseball retired Jackie Robinson's uniform number with every MLB franchise ... the Wayne Lammle Virtual Fan Club is Proud to announce ...

That from this day forward (July 9, 2002) .... EVERY single blank (Without player name or numbers) fan jersey will now be a Virutal Lammle Jersey!

Be it Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, BC, Winnipeg, Hamilton or Montreal ... any nameless or numberless jersey is now a living virtual tribute to the Greatest One!

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Join the World's First Virtual Fan Club

There are already 13 Charter Members (Known as "The Terry Baker's Dozen" after the the lowly player that "The Wayne" got traded to Ottawa for in 1995) of the Wayne Lammle Virtual Fan Club. These are the great fans that carry the banner of "The Wayne" in their hearts and have declared in public their desire to be linked with destiny. (Their names ever more to be enshrined in the Members Only Section)

YOU ... don't have to go nearly that far.

All You need to do is to press the JOIN link ... and you become a Wayne Lammle Fan Club Member. You are assigned a designation number that is yours forever. Whether you choose to tell anyone that you are a member is your concern.

Since this is the World's First Virtual Fan Club ... you can remain in virtual obscurity or you can tell virtually everyone you like that you are a member.

If anyone ever doubts your sincerity when you state you are a member ... just state your special number that is revealed when you join. This number proves your sincerity beyond a reasonable doubt.

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