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Part Four:  Montreal Bound!

Last we heard of the Flatlander Boys...they were sitting sown for a drink on Yonge Street in Toronto waiting for word as to where to go for the semi final.  But they could not wait till Sunday Night. So they are on their way to Montreal for the Greenies/Als game.

B: " You know Skeeter...the world looks all dark and kind of dull when you leave the Wondrous Toronto."

S: " I know what you mean...I guess that's why so many other Flatlanders move there?"

B: " Yup....they are the smart ones. They come to live in Toronto...and watch the Vaunted Argos win all their

       games and then cheer for the Greenies when they come to town."

S: " Yup...cheering for the Greenies in Toronto helps keep these boys grounded cause the Vaulted Ones just

       kill'em every time. So they remember losing...which is the Regina tradition."

B: " I also hear that they go down to Hamilton to watch the Greenies when they come there."

S: " Sure...that lets them remember the smell of the outhouses."

B&S: " Ahhhh...Outhouses...Ahhhhh."

S: " Look...there's a Montreal."

B: "Yup, we hafta be careful. They are the ones that want to separate or something."

S: " Oh...forget that. They lost that cause they didn't want to lose Don Cherry."

B: " Plus...don't forget the Argos game in 1995 that won the referdum for the No side."

S: " Who could forget?"

So the boys are traveling along and then they see the monstrous Big Owe off in the distance.

B: " Let's get our tickets now."

S: " We have got 3 days."

B: " Get them now."

So the boys went to the Big O box office.

B&S: " We want tickets for Sunday. We are Greenies fans."

Sales: "'s U2 on Sunday."

B&S: "Yip....we two want tickets for Sunday."

Sales: " I'm sorry...the Als aren't's just U2."

B&S: " Yip...we two want tickets for Sunday."

The salesperson was really getting annoyed with this stupid transaction....but then a thought crossed her mind.

Sales: " You guys are from Saskatchewan?"