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In February of 1997 ... a devoted group of avid CFL fans braved the harsh cold of a Southern Ontario winter and managed to meet in a Hamilton Pub.

Spearheaded by the arrival of Jon LeBlanc (of Calgary) to our fair region ... Martin Hughes (of Hamilton) worked hard on getting this historic meet  organized.

The meet took place in a pub called 'Doors' and was a far reaching success.

After this meeting we formed the Lords of the J5V ... and Jon has a Lords of the J5V Official Homepage

Copyright (c) Jon LeBlanc 1997 - 2000 (Used with Permission)

Left to right: Donald Cobb,  Ron 'Argonut' Philipp (me),  Jon LeBlanc,  Michael Skeet

Dave Fulton in Rider Gear and Martin Hughes taking the photo

Donald Cobb and Myself

L-R: Dave Fulton, Donald Cobb, Me, Michael Skeet and Martin Hughes

The last 2 photos Copyright Jon LeBlanc 1998, 1999 (Used with Permission)