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The Rise and Fall of an Icon

Skippy Huard is a new coach for the new Century. He had waited a long time for his shot and he's was ready to shake the very foundations of "ordinary" football thinking.

The following will be a compilation of Skippy's Press coverage right after he was announced as Head Coach of thew Toronto Argonauts and when he fell on his sword and resigned.


February 2, 2000       John Huard is 'a coach for the 21st century'

February 2, 2000       Huard blasts league's best defence

February 2, 2000       New Argonaut skipper vows to run tight ship

February 9, 2000       Skipping over a coach's attributes

February 12, 2000     Huard hounds Argos' D

February 22, 2000     Huard loves his Maine men

June 8, 2000              Argo coach revamps training methods

June 12, 2000            The world according to Huard


August 22, 2000         Argos coach has to leave

August 25, 2000         Nothing can save Huard

August 25, 2000         MAULED!

August 25, 2000         Players put in paltry effort for coach

August 25, 2000         The Last Word

August 25, 2000         Huard steps down as Argo coach

August 26, 2000         Huard abandons ship

August 28, 2000         Huard says many Argos players quit playing to get him fired as coach

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