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The Game's The Thing!

Once the kickoff happens ... the Stadium comes alive.  THE GAME IS ON!

After the opening kickoff ... there is plenty to watch at the Labour Day Classic.  Of course there is the great play on the field between two arch rivals ... but Labour Day is also when the crowd is at it's most entertaining.

Great signs ... many more strange costumes worn by fans ... and increased passion are just a few of the differences you experience when you witness the Classic. You can feel the atmosphere all through the Stadium.

It's when Ivor Wynne Stadium truly comes alive!

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Argo flag


CBC Banner


Argo offense


Pigskin Pete and Argo cheerleader

The Boatmen CBC Banner Argos on Offense Pigskin Pete

Ivor Wynne South Side

Full North Side

Full Ballpark

Overflow corner

Full South Side Full North Side Packed Crowd! Overflow Corner

Real Men

The prowl perform

Another Super Fan

Nobody blows?

EH!! O'Shea! Athletics Oskee Eddie Nobody What??

So Funny!

big fan

The Prowl

Argo TD

So Funny! Flag's a flyin' The Prowl Argo's Score 

Ticats on Offense

Pigskin Pete waves to crowd

The Grim Reaper


Ticats on Offense Pete Waves The Reaper! Yikes! Pete Leads Cheers

Pete and Daddy O

crowd shot

Reaper walks the aisles

Pete and Daddy O Mass of humanity Reaper among fans


CFL Dimension

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