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The Tailgate

The tailgate party is a football tradition that takes place prior to the big game.

In a park across the street from Ivor Wynne Stadium ... fans from both teams get together to prepare for the game ... and to have some fun before their teams take to the field to kill each other.

There are also smaller tailgates all over ... but the spirit remains the same. It's a great time to meet old friends ... meet new friends ... and just enjoy the festivities.

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Argo Graveyard


Argo Fans Buffet


Fan pic


Fan Pic #2

Argo Graveyard

Argo Fans Buffet Fan Pic # 1 Fan Pic # 2

Fan Pic # 3

Fan Pic # 5

Canadian Flag Flying High

Burn baby burn?

Fan Pic # 3 Fan Pic # 4 Oh' Canada Burn baby burn?

Rip it instead!

The Tailgate

Rip it instead! Tailgate


CFL Dimension

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