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The Baltimore to Montreal Conspiracy?

June 9, 1998

It is the off-season of 1995 and the US expansion into the States looks like it's on it's last breath as Memphis and Birmingham fold...Shreveport looks for a new home....Baltimore ownership starts to look for a new home....and San Antonio states they won't go it alone in the US.

All the teams fold except for Baltimore and San Antonio. The Stallions start a season ticket drive to gauge interest in them staying in the CFL in Baltimore.  While this is going on....the NFL Browns announce they are moving from Cleveland and will play NFL ball in Baltimore.

Because of the announcement of the NFL coming to Baltimore....the Baltimore owner decided at the last minute to move the franchise to Montreal. CFL Commissioner Larry Smith was instrumental in the move. Seeing this development....the san Antonio franchise had no option but to pull the plug.

At the time of the move the Stallions had sold over 12,000 season seats....even though fan knew the NFL was returning to Baltimore....but it was not enough to keep the team in Baltimore.

The Stallions left Baltimore and its 12,000 season seat holders...and moved to Montreal where the team got a very cold reception.

The happy note here?

Larry Smith became the new President of the Montreal Alouettes for the 1997 season after completing his term as Commissioner of the CFL.

Was there a conspiracy?

You be the judge....