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The 'C' Files

???    ??? The Potential Conspiracy Page ???    ???

The game of Canadian Football is a fast - paced ... exciting brand of football. But ... there are always those incidents that make you go hmm?  Incidents that leave you puzzled and make you wonder whether the spectre of conspiracy has reared it's ugly head.  Things that just can't seem to be rationalized without the scope of an alleged 'bigger' picture. This page is devoted to uncovering those alleged conspiracies ... and bring them into the light of day ... be it in all levels of Canadian football.

Was there a Conspiracy?  You be the Judge.

*FEATURED*         The Gretzky Conspiracy?         *CONSPIRACY*

Other Alleged Conspiracies

??  The 1995 Grey Cup Conspiracy?           ??  The Great Argos Betrayal?     
??  The Baltimore to Montreal Conspiracy? ??  The Kent Austin's Arm Debacle?
??  The Wilcox Conspiracy? ??  The 7 Year Curse?   
??  The Wally Buono Argo Caper of 1999? ??  The Deflation of Don Mathews?

Responses to these alleged potential conspiracies ... or ... if you have any potential alleged conspiracy? Or just anything that seems weird.   Send it to me by e-mail right HERE.    You may just see it posted on this site.

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