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The Kent Austin's Arm Debacle

June 10, 1998

In 1995 ... Kent Austin was signed as a free agent by the Toronto Argonauts. he had just come off some impressive years in BC where he played a pivotal role in the Lions 1994 Grey Cup victory season.

Fans in Argoland were pumped and the Argos launched an impressive ad campaign that called the new Argos Offense ... 'The Bomb Squad.'  It was believed that the Argos had signed the strong-armed quarterback that would lead them back to glory.

Then the season started ... and Kent Austin's arm didn't come with him from BC! His arm had little strength ... and he couldn't throw deep to keep defenses honest.  His poor play was probably the primary reason the Argos collapsed in 1995. (That led to the betrayal)

The reasons why Austin's arm disappeared plagues CFL historians for 3 years now. How could one of the premier quarterbacks in CFL history lose it so quickly?  This may tempt historians forever.

Was there a conspiracy?

You be the judge ...