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The Wally Buono Argo Caper of 1999?

In January of 1999 ... the big news story was a report that Wally Buono of the Calgary Stampeders was offered a job with the Toronto Argonauts.

Shock rang through the CFL community as it was discovered that Wally would even consider leaving the Stamps for the Argos ... right after a Grey Cup win in 1998.

One week later ... it was announced that Wally had turned down the Argos and chose to remain in Calgary to lead the Stamps.

All is well in Calgary ... and the CFL goes back to normal.


There is another side to this story that was never reported ... that was probably the root cause of this caper.

Wally Buono never intended to leave the Stamps ... in fact ... he was sent to Toronto on a mission.

A mission that would guarantee the Stampeders a 50/50 shot at winning the Grey Cup Game in 1999 when they get there.

If Buono fails ... the Stamps cannot repeat as Champions.

Buono's Mission?  

To ensure the powers of history are with the Stamps in 1999.

He was sent to ensure the success of the Toronto Argonauts in 1999 ... and have them recover from the loss of Don Mathews.


Because the ONLY way the Calgary Stampeders can win the Grey Cup in 1999 ... is to beat the Argos in the Grey Cup game.

Under no other conditions can the Stampeders hope to win the Cup. Every  other option offers defeat ... even if they make it to the big game.

And the proof is shown in Stampeder Grey Cup History.

In all of their history ... the Stampeders have only won the Grey Cup when two conditions were in play.  And both of those involve success by the Toronto Argonauts.

The Stampeders can ONLY win the Grey Cup if:

1) They beat the Argos in the Grey Cup Game.


2) The Argos won the Grey Cup in the previous year.

More proof?

Calgary Grey Cup Victories:

1948  -  Argos win the previous year in 1947

1971  -  Stamps beat the Argos in the Grey Cup Game.

1992  -  Argos win the previous year in 1991

1998  -  Argos win the previous year in 1997

So what does this have to do with Buono and the Argos?

Wally Buono was sent to Toronto to save the franchise!  

The Stampeders are well aware of the history ... and for the sake of the Stampeder franchise ... they need the Argos to make the Grey Cup in 1999.

Wally's mission was to build up the confidence of the Argos ... and to share with the Argos what he would do if he took over. Knowing full well that the Argos will still use his info even if he doesn't agree to terms.

Getting the Argos into the Grey Cup assures the Stampeders of a 50/50 shot at winning the Cup. (The Stamps and Argos have met twice with each winning once)

So the secret is out.

For many years ... Stampeders fans have always based their success potential on who their QB is ... or if they beat the Eskimos.

But ... they should always have been looking East to Toronto for the signs for their potential success.

Was Wally sent to save the Argos ... and thus save the Stamps?

Is there a Conspiracy?

You be the judge.

* Note*

Every time the Stampeders have made it to the Grey Cup and the Argo Success factor was NOT present ... They lost.