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Copyright (c) Brad Lawryk  Used with Permission

Subject: [FLATLANDERS] The Flutie is ' Comin...We is a Doomed!!!

Date: 1997/07/06


B: Bubba  S: Skeeter  V: Vlad

Hi...Argonut here.

I've decided to give this post over to my good buddies from the Flatlands. Bubba and Skeeter. (Who have worked on their grammar in the off-season...I might add)

Take it guys.....

B&S: "Thanks Nut!"

B: " It's been a long off-season there Skeeter...and the Nut wants us to do our thing."

S: " Yup, but the first thing I wanna do is point out that those horse fellas from Cow Town is in last place!"

B: " Ahuh, those pansy horsey geldings are last and the Greenies are locked into second place....makes me

       wanna smoke a corn pipe and swill some, uh, swill."

S: " Sounds coolie to me."


B&S: " Ahhhhhhh."

S: " So...the Flutie is a comin.."

B: " Yep. It's gonna be a long night for the Greenies when those vaulted Argos from the Big City come

       a here and put a pastin' on them."

S: " Doesn't the Nut call em'....Voonted?"

B: " I thought it was Velted...ah whatever."

S: "I don't think those Greenies can do it either...those Vexed Argos is a way too good."

B: You know what else...Skeeter?"

S: " What tis it?"

B: " I'm a little annoyed still about that dufous telethon to raise ticket sales for the Greenies that they had."

S: " Now why should that bother you?"

B: " I came on my monthly trip to Regina and there was not ONE empty pop bottle or beer can laying on the

       street for me to collect!"

S: "NO!"

B: " Yep, all those middle classer's stole all the loose bottles to pay for their pretty little seats! I had no money

        to pay for gas to get back to the farm."

S: " How'd you git back?"

B: " I they do in a Toronto."

S: " It worked?"

B: "Oh ya. I made enough to pay for all the gas I needed...though it's not hard to make good dough handling."

S: "What did you pull in?"

B: " I pulled in a whole seven dollars in eight hours."

S: " Whoa! Those is professional pay in Regina!"

Argonut: "Hey guys....back to the game!"

B: " Oh dang, we always get off track with politics."

S: Thank goodness nut's here to straighten us out."

B: "So the game...uh...we is a gonna lose big eh?"

S: " Ooh, we is a gonna lose so's a gonna hurt every green blooded fan from coast to coast."

B: " And there's a lots of fans around coast to coast. They all moved away to git doctor'in and lawyer'in

       jobs...all over."

S: " Pooey on them...they coulda stayed and earned a whole seven buckeroos paning a handle in the big Reg."

B: " Oh, be a nice to our kin."

S: " You're right."

V: " Vhat is going on here?!"

B&S: " VLAD!"

Argonut: "Vlad?....Who's Vlad?"

B&S: " He's our Ukrainian cousin on our Mother's-sisters-nephews- second cousins-doctors-sister in

             law-married to our next door neighbours mother that's dating our fathers buddy side."

V: "Vhat is going on here?!"

B&S: " Uh, Vlad...we is a doin' a game report for the Velted Argos vs the Greenies next week."

Argonut: "Ya Vlad...mind your own business. The Greenies are weak and are overpowered at all positions."

V: " Don't say that about my Green Riders! You putz!"

B&S: " Bye Nut....we is a outa here!"

Argonut: " Ok, Vlad...take it easy."

V: " I will not take it easy!"

Argonut: " Hey's just a game."


Argonut: " Ahhhhhh........."


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