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SKEETER Used with Permission (c) Brad Lawryk   BUBBA

The Flatlanders are a fictional duo of rural Saskatchewan CFL fans ... that have opinions about some upcoming games and sometimes travel throughout North America to follow their favourite sport ... The Canadian Football League ... and sometimes have some unique adventures adapting to local cultures.

So turn on your Humour Button and have a Chuckle.

Most Recent Story on Top ... Start at Older Stories to Plot Character Development.


New in 2000 is the new Flatlanders Series that is now an EXCLUSIVE FEATURE of the Total-CFL website. Please visit Total-CFL to see all the new installments in the lives of Bubba and Skeeter.

Lucky Al Ford   The Flatlanders are concerned about the Roughriders in August 1999 ... and decide that they should maybe plan to pay General Manager Al Ford a visit. ( 1 Part )

We Lose to the Stamps No More!   A fictional tale revolving around the Flatlanders as they gain revenge on the Stampeders star players after yet another Riders loss in Calgary ... in late September 1998 ... during a home and home series with the Stampeders. ( 1 Part )

CFL Flatlanders to the Super Bowl:    A fictional tale following the CFL Flatlanders as they go on a trip to the Super Bowl in San Diego in 1998 to find Doug Flutie after he signs with the NFL. ( 4 Part Mini - Series )

CFL Flatlanders to the Playoffs:   A fictional tale following the CFL Flatlanders as they follow the Green Riders across the Country and back again throughout the entire 1997 playoffs and Grey Cup. ( 10 Part Epic Tale )

Those Voolted Argos blew up...real good!: The companion piece to "The Flutie is ' Commin."  This is the episode where the Boys come into their own right after the Argos 1997 visit to Taylor Field ... and bleed Green and White from here on in. ( 1 Part )

The Flutie is ' Comin ...We is a Doomed!!!  A Fictional post to R.S.F.C. Newsgroup about the Argos 1997 upcoming visit to Taylor Field in Regina to play the Roughriders. ( 1 Part )

Big Green Rider fans to witness Argos crushing of Riders.  The first ever Flatlanders post ... regarding the Argos visit to Taylor Field in Regina in 1996 to play the Saskatchewan Roughriders. ( 1 Part )

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