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Used with permission.  (c) Brad Lawryk

Subject: [FLATLANDERS] Those Voolted Argos blew up...real good!

Date: 08/05/1997

Author: Argonut

Deep in the heart of the electronic communications world that we know as the Internet...some sneaky things have been going on. Our Flatlander buddies known as Bubba and Skeeter have been trying to infiltrate the most secretly guarded account on the net. The Argonut account....

Bubba: " I think we did it Skeeter, we is in!"

Skeeter: "Yup, we is in the Argonut account and he don't know we is flying up his ointment."

Bubba: " Now we can let all the folks know how we feel about the whupping our greenies put on those arrogant

              Voolted Argos."

Skeeter: " And there ain't nuthing the Argonut can do...since he don't know we has his account."

Skeeter: " But first, I want to let people know why we have waited so long to brag...I don't take smart

                eggs like us long to break computer codes."

Bubba: " It was because we was stinkin drunk up until 4 days ago after the big celebration at the Regina Tower."

Skeeter: " Yup, those Tarranna folks can keep their CN do-hickey, we's got the tallest Silo in the Flatlands."

Bubba: "And then I was watching my dawg run away for 3 days after that!"

Skeeter: "But we busted his code in 3 hours. That dang password of 'lammleisgod' wasn't hard to break."

Bubba: " But we is beat the Argos and sent The Flutie home crying in his little tissues!"

Skeeter: " Yup-er-roo! Our team came back and proved that Green Power prevails against tyranny."

Bubba: " Yup, tyranny. Just like that Eskie dude says...No form of tyranny is equal to the beans in a Mason jar!"

Skeeter: " That arrogant Argonut...where was he when we whoopped them Argos? Hiding under his bed with

                his Flutie doll?"

Bubba: " Easy bud, don't want to rile the Nut. he reads this stuff."

Skeeter: " I am a Greenies Fan...I fear no Nut...I fear no Vexeld Argos... I fear no The Flutie...We have Mason

                to lead us to 3rd!"

Bubba: " Yes sir, that Mason is a good one. But we used the Slack to yank those voluted Argos back to the Center."

Skeeter: " We is number one! We is number one!"

Bubba: " Uh oh....I think the secret Argonut security force is on to our being here...we gotta git...NOW!"

Skeeter: " We is gone...but if we is a leave now...we have to use that stupid...arrogant sig that the Nut uses."

Bubba: " Small price to pay for saving our lives!...and we don't have Vlad here to protect us!"

Skeeter: " Right...set to scramble...N+__)_+()(**&^%%%$$^#$###$&#$#@#@!! &*^%$##@@#$

                &%*^(&)*_*_&^%*$#&#%*(^)&_*)^(%*$&#^@%@^#&%()&_*_+ _)*)&^%*$&#@