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Part One:  Riders Make Playoffs!

B = Bubba  S = Skeeter  V = Vlad

It has happened!

The news is spreading across the Flatlands like an out of control brush fire....The Greenies have made the Playoffs!

B: "Skeeter! We made the playoffs this year!"

S: " Well....make my bed and call me Sally...the Greenies hav'a done"

B: " Yup, the Greenies are in the Eastern playoffs."

S: " The Eastern playoffs? What you been smokin?"

B: " Yes ... since those East teams at the bottom are so bad this year....they are asking the Greenies to join in

        the fun ... instead."

S: " Ha! That's so"

B: " Yup, they got smart once they tossed Larry 'I got swampland to sell' Smith outa the office and off to


V: "Vhat you talking?"

B: " The Greenies made the playoffs...Vlad."

V: "Peh."

S: "Why so glum...Vlad?"

V: " Vhy don't you get out of my face?"

S: " Sheez....darn cranky Ukies."

V: " You tink Ukraine is a joke! I show you...."

B: " VLAD! Stop!"

V: "Ok....just get out of here."

S: "We'll get out."

B: " Hey! Skeeter!"

S: "What?"

B: " Let's get the playoffs!"

S: " Dang....that's a good idea."

B: " We can follow the Greenies to their playoff game."

S: " Where is it?"

B: " It is in Montreal....that's in Kibec."

S: " When is it?"

B: " Oh's a on November 2nd."

S: " We have to leave now if we are gonna make it."

B&S: "Load up the truck! It's a playoff run!"

So, Bubba and Skeeter go off to load up their trusty pickup truck for the long journey to Montreal. They have to carry all of the essentials for a real Saskatchewan road trip.

B: " Don't forgeet the portable still."

S: " Don't forget the beer...and the beer....and our corn pipes."

Bubba and Skeeter figure it's about a three day drive to Quebec following the trans Canada highway. But the longest trip they'd ever done was to Toronto to see the Vaunted Argos...but this was different. They didn't drive all the way last time.

B&S: "We isa off Vlad."

V: "Peh."

B: "What a warm cousin we have."

So they're off...the first stop is Regina. That's where the Trans Canada highway is and that's where they are going.

B: " Wow...we are in Regina already. That took as long as it always does....but it seemed faster this time."

S: " The wind was behind us."

As the Boys head south....they see a sign.

S: " There's the sign for the Trans Canada Highway."

B&S: "Which way do we turn? It don't say Montreal on any of the signs."

B: " Flip for it."

S: " The Ex is on top so it's heads."

B: " We turn right."