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Part Nine:  Drunken Reflections.

The last we heard of the boys...they had just finished watching the Green Riders dispose of the Edmonton Eskimos in an exciting Western Final. The Riders are are now ready to take on the daunting task of trying to upset the Toronto Argonauts in the 85th Grey Cup game.

We rejoin Bubba and Skeeter on Sunday morning as they ready themselves to go to the Game.

B: " What a week Skeeter."

S: " Yup...we had a great time here in this place. Remember that Flax-seed oil wrestling?"

B: " That was fun...but we really enjoyed that Spirit - of - Edmonton."

S: " Remember on Friday when we went there and the folks from that US city was selling stuff."

B: " Those was Baltimore folks."

S: " Member when we saw those guys in those Baltimore Grey Cup T-shirts try to do a pyramid...but they

       all fell down?"

B: " Yup...that was funny. But da beer iz expensive....six brews fer twenty bucks."

S: " And nobody bought us any. Maybe next year when there's no Greenies at the game. There's too many

      Greenies fans here to swab any free brewski's off other fans."

S: " That Spirit thing was good though."

B: " How about Billy Bob's House of Ribs Flat Steak Special?"

S: " Yippee! That was a great flat steak. I love the way they did us a prairie special."

B: " Yup...a 32 ounce steak...but only 1/8th of an inch think."

S: " That thing covered half the table....ah....just like home. And the parade yesterday. Gotta love those Calgary

       guys and there horses and whooping and lots of people and stuff."

B: " That was the mayor on that horse. They have fun even if there team loses and not there."

S: " So we can let them keep on losing then....he he.  Ooh...Ooh...member the cheerleaders thing?"

B: " Yup...they are really nice. Remember when we went out to the Airport to see if we could see some

       internet folk show up and we saw that Taggle-boo..Tagliabomber....Tagandsave....Tagliandthecat...

        um...the NFL guy?"

S: " Yup...we got our parkas there."

B: " They thought we was NFL people. We just nodded and looked important."

S: " It was cool that it was a former Flatlander that gave the parka to the the Taggle guy."

B: " I remember the conversation they had. The Flatlander said ' Hey iz Mr. NFL'er commish...have iz a parka.'

       Then iz the Commish answer back ' Yowie zowie...I iz git this big coat fer free...I never iz got dis kind of

        stuff back in Louisiana.' "

S: " I like that commish. He understands the language of the people."

B: " Well Skeeter...those folks from down south are almost as progressive as we are up here."

S: " Yup...they just never learned to live away from water. Hey...remember when we saw The Flutie?"

B: " I....he was walking with an aura around him."

S: " Remember when we saw Reggie Slack?"

B: " Yup...he stepped in some dog doodie."

S: " Well...Reggie's gonna win it today anyhow's."

B: " Over the Flutie?? Don't let Nut hear that."

S: " Nut's ain't we are among family here...there are lots of Rider fans here...and even those other

       western losers are gonna cheer for us...and even those Kitty Cats losers too!"

B: " Really...its all gonna be Greenies fans at the game?"

S: " Well...about 59,500 out of iz the 60,000. We just gotta watch out for those Argoholic guys."

B: " They are scary. Any one of those guys is worth any thousand fans from other teams. I think they got guns

       under those getups."

S: " Sure...they 're from Tarranna."

B: " Dang...we gotta get to the game."

S: " Do we got tickets?"

B: " We always find some local guy who'll sell for real cheap."

S: " But first we gotta go to the Flatlanders Shrine and Meeting place for the week....all the other Combine

       Cowboys will be there."

B&S: " Let's go.......John Deere here we iz a come!"

And the boys are off to the 85th Grey Cup Game.......