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Part Eight:  How the West was Won!

The last we saw the boys...they had arrived in Edmonton to witness the clash between the Green Riders and the Eskies.

B: " Look Skeeter...the parking lot near the stadium is full of Combines."

S: " Looks like we're gonna hafta park somewhere else."

So...the boys look for spots elsewhere. They drive a few blocks and find a parking lot.

B: " Hey...this is a rip off."

S: " Ya...imagine charging $6.00 for parking. This ain't Tarranna."

B: " Well, this is the land'o rip off."

S: " That's ok....we are gonna see the Greenies play those over-confident Eskies."

B: " Ya...they ain't no Vaunted Ones."

The boys are walking to the Stadium...when they pass by a Sports Bar that had the Argos/Als Eastern Final on TV.

B: "'s the Vaunted Ones."

S: " Yup...we gotta watch that. We can go into the game over there later."

B: " You bet...this is important."

So the Boys sit down and order a brew or two.

S: " Barkeep....we iz wanna git a brewski or maybe two and we iz wanna hav'em in a glass and iz they be cold"

Barkeep: " Why aren't you Regina boys at the game yet?"

B: " Cause the Vaunted Ones are on the tube...and we iz gonna see the Greenies after."

Barkeep: " Makes sense to me. But what about the tickets you bought?"

S: " We iz didn't buy tickets yet...there'z always tickets fer the West Final in Edmonton."

B: " Plus...we iz know how to iz git in free after the 1st half in that stadium when the Greenies play."

So the boys watch the rest of the East Division Classic and witness the exciting Argos 37-30 victory.

S: " The Flutie is coming to the Cup...we gotta get to the game here to see the Greenies if they can make

        it as well."

So the Boys rush down to the Stadium...but the stop in the parking lot and hide behind a Combine that's parked there."

B: " Helmet?"

S: " Check."

B: " Jersey?"

S: " Check."

B: " Zoobas?"

S: " Check."

B: " We are ready."

The dressed in Roughies garb...approach the gate to enter the stadium.

Ticket: " Where's your ticket?"

B: " Ticket?? We iz don't need no stinkin ticket!"

S: " Ya! We iz Greenies players...and we iz did follow a long kick out of the stadium and got the ball...but we iz

        threw it back and we iz can't climb back over."

B: " If we iz don't git back iz gonna be in big ones with the CFL brass for keepin the defense out

        here when we iz should be in there."

S: " Ya! Those Eskies iz gonna hafta forfeit the game and it iz all you're fault."

Ticket: " Darn! You are players? Sorry! OK...enter."

The boys are let in the stadium...and are ushered right onto the field and to the Roughrider bench. It is late in the game and the Eskimos are pressing the Roughies....they are on the ropes.

B: " We are on the bench....they bought that player stuff."

S: " We gotta help the Greenies...they are losing it...they can't move the ball."

It's now late in the game and the Eskies have closed to within 2 points. All the Eskies need is to hold them...and they can get the ball back with enough time to march done the field. the Eskimo bench is confident...for the Roughriders have not moved the ball the entire 2nd half.

S: " We gotta get to Slack."

B: " He'll listen to us...that Daley's a dolt. Look.... he's alone on the end of the bench gittin a drink."

The boys rush over to Slack to offer advice. Reggie Slack does not notice that these boys aren't real players...he does not know any of the defensive players anyhow.

B: " Reggie baby...we iz git some plan fer you."

Reggie: " I'm a little busy."

S: " Just member dis Reggie baby and we iz gonna win diz ting."

Reggie: " Ok...what?"

S: " When it iz time to throw...throw. When it iz time to"

Reggie: " My God! That's brilliant!"

B: " And when iz you git close to the goal of iz de other a The iz you waz a Vaunted

       One still."

Reggie: " But I did that last week...won't the Eskimos be ready?"

S: " The secret iz dat...The Flutie iz not so great when he runs it himself into the'z that the defenses

       are too stupid to stop him. You can do it agin....the defenses are too dumb."

Reggie: "Are you sure? It's a big risk."

S: " Look at uz...we iz a defense."

Reggie: " Ok...I'll do it. Man...if you guys spoke up earlier...we'd have gone 15-3 this

     = pass .. run = run."

Reggie takes the ball and drives down the field. The Eskies are falling back on their heels. Slack throws when he should and he runs for it whenever the chances are there. Close to the goaline...he runs a keeper into the endzone for a big 6 points. Very much like the Argonauts Doug Flutie has done so much in Toronto and Calgary. With the kick the score is not a 9 point lead with little time left. The Eskies try a last gasp...that fails to overcome the lead. The Roughriders are Giant killers again...and Slack is the hero...and Daley gets his coaching accolades.

B&S: " We iz win! We iz gonna the Grey Cup."

The Green Riders now have to wait 7 more days for their opportunity to upset the Toronto Argonauts in the Grey Cup Classic. But...until then...

B: " We are staying for the Cup...and we are gonna take in a lot of the events and festivities."

S: " But the good one are are all sold out!"

B: " Not all....look at this one tomorrow."

S: " Wow..the Flax-Seed Oil Pig Wrestling Tournament sponsored by The Memories of Home Foundation for

       Wayward Flatlanders."

B: " We have been a long a time from home."

The boys hop in the truck and look for a place to flop.