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Official Site of the CFFA

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CFFA Profile

The CFFA was formed in 1999 to serve as a fan-based organization devoted to promoting, preserving and supporting the Canadian brand of football played in the CFL, CIAU, CJFL and other grass-roots programs across Canada.

The CFFA exists for one reason. We do what we do for the love of the game. 

We (As do our members) want to see the game thrive from coast to coast at both the professional and amateur levels. We believe that Canadian Football is a National Treasure and should be respected and treated as such.

As you already know, many sports enthusiasts show their support for their favourite team by joining a Team Fan Club. Members receive pins and newsletters and other added values that help give them a closer connection to the team they cheer for.

In concert with what a Team Fan Club does, the CFFA offers an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to offer their support for the GAME of Canadian Football.

We want to support and promote the game itself and work with the decision makers to provide the best product both on and off the field wherever  and whenever possible. We want to support grass-roots football activities like football camps and helping send kids, who normally are unable to go, to watch football games in their local communities. We want to support fan-based initiatives that have funds earmarked for support of charities. We want to be a part of supporting as many initiatives as possible that help our game grow. We also look forward to starting our own initatives as we grow.

While we essentially serve the Canadian market, we also have an international presence. We know that there are fans and supporters of Canadian Football all over the world, and we would like to act as an outlet for those fans to help support our game no matter where they are from. The CFFA would love nothing more in the future than to be supporting a grass-roots effort in another country for their own home version of the Canadian game.

We'd like to ask now that after you have finished looking over the site, to please head over to the MEMBERSHIP area of the site. Please look over the membership options available and see which option best suits you.

We would love for you to join with us. Together we can support this exciting brand of three down football that many have come to enjoy.

Thank you,

Ron Philipp - National Director